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Maple syrup

I don’t know about you, but I love maple syrup! I eat it on Belgian waffles, pancakes, French toast, even on fruit! It’s delicious, and adds that perfect amount of sweetness to almost anything!

Maple syrup is super sweet, and also expensive, but I can tell you, it’s totally worth it! Some types of syrup are super thick and sticky, while others are smooth and runny. Sometimes, you can get extra buttery flavoured syrup, or completely O’natural.  I usually get the natural type, because it’s less sugary and more organic. Some brands of artificial maple syrup are Aunt Jamima, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Kirkland, or Compliments. You can also make different types of candies with maple syrup. You make the syrup into flavoured sugar crystals, and roll the sticky sweet onto a Popsicle stick.
Acer saccharum


This is a sugar maple tree.

One winter, while my dad, sister, and step-siblings were out of the house for  a while because of a garage fire, we were spending christmas in an apartment. It snowed about a foot deep, and we just happened to have some maple syrup in the fridge. The parents were out on a walk, so we decided to surprize them with a cold, sugary treat! We mixed together the snow with some syrup, and gave it to them. we all had a little bit, and it was super sweet. Although it didn’t work out exactly as I’d hoped, you can still try this when it snows at your house! It just might not taste as you’d expected.

Maple syrup is made using xylem sap from different maple trees such as the sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees. In cold places, these trees keep a type of starch in their trunks and roots. Just before winter, the starch is changed into sugar that comes out in the sap when it becomes springtime. Maple syrup can be more easily taken out by drilling holes into their trunks and then dripping the sap into buckets tied underneath the tap. The sap is turned into syrup by heating it up to evaporate and take out most of the water, leaving just the syrup.

Another big importer of maple syrup, besides Canada, is Vermont in the U.S.A. Vermont is cold for most of the year, so it’s an easy environment for maple trees to grow in. Vermont is also located conveniently close to Canada’s #1 maple Syrup exporter, Quebec. Canada makes more than 80% of the world’s maple syrup. That’s a lot of syrup!

So, that’s why I love Maple syrup, and I think that if you haven’t tried it yet, you should totally get some and try it on pancakes first, because I think it tastes best on those.


Live Long and Fangirl!
~Chantal <3

Credit for information: Wiki maple syrup

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  1. That’s so cool that you get such authentic maple syrup. What’s another food that’s special were you live?
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    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for reading my post! Another special food that we have here in Canada are Nanaimo Bars and smoked salmon. Nanaimo bars are a dessert made in layers. On the bottom is chocolate mixed with nuts. Then on the next level is creamy icing. The top level is chocolate. Smoked salmon is exactly what it sounds like: Smoked salmon. Both are totally worth trying, and I encourage you to do so!
      Thanks again!
      ~Chantal <3

  2. Hi Chantal,
    I just loved your blog post on Maple Syrup because like you, I love to have it on top of waffles or pancakes.
    I’m sorry that your house burnt down, but I thought it was amazing to hear you got the best of it and combined your love of syrup with some snow to make a tasty snack for your parents.
    What is your favorite thing to have maple syrup with? Why is maple syrup so expensive where you live and do you eat it with anything else besides pancakes or waffles? What do you do after you received the syrup from the tree? In your opinion do you prefer syrup with anything else?

  3. I also love maple syrup! Do you only eat maple syrup with breakfast foods in Canada or do you eat it with other meals too?

    1. Hi Jason!
      I think it’s mostly a breakfast thing, because it’s so sweet and sugary, it’s best for early in the morning to give you that boost. I call sugar a kid’s caffeine, so that makes sense. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone having maple syrup for dinner, although, one time I have pancakes for each meal for an entire day!
      We use it as a natural sweetener, kind of like a sticky, sappy version of stevia, in all sorts of things.
      Thanks for your comment!
      ~Chantal <3

  4. Hello Chantal,
    I love maple syrup too! I think maple syrup tastes good on anything, but I don’t have it that often. How often do you have it? The link to my blog is

    1. Hi Kashish,
      My family usually has a pancake or waffle day once a week, on Sunday.
      Thank you so much for your comment! I will visit your blog soon. Look for my comment!
      ~Chantal <3

  5. noellmurph9302 says: Reply

    Hey Chantal!
    I loved your blog post, and I was wondering if you only eat maple syrup with breakfast foods, or with other meals such as lunch and dinner too? Also, I was wondering, what is your absolute favorite thing to eat? Why is that food item your favorite?
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    1. Hi Noell,
      I think it’s mostly a breakfast thing, because it’s so sweet and sugary. It’s best for early in the morning to give you that boost. I call sugar a kid’s caffeine, so that makes sense. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone having maple syrup for dinner, but sometimes I have waffles for lunch.
      I think my favourite food ever would be carrot soup. It’s so good! My cousin makes the best. I’m not sure why I like it s much. I guess it’s sort of a comfort food for me. Some people like it with sour cream, but I really don’t like it that way.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment!
      ~Chantal <3

  6. Hey Chantal,
    I’m Ella and I come from California! I find you love and passion for maple syrup amazing and I loved reading your detailed post about your favorite Canadian treat! I also eat maple syrup on my waffles, pancakes, and French toast, but I’ve never heard of maple syrup candies or popsicle sticks. Are they easy to make? Because I’d sure love to try. I would definitely love to read more of your posts in the future! My blog is:

    1. Hey Ella,
      I love your enthusiasm! Your comment made me smile. 🙂
      To answer your question, I’ve never made maple syrup candies before, but I’m sure it’s manageable! I bet you could look up a YouTube video for it. YouTube has everything.
      I’m glad you found my post resourceful! Thanks for commenting!
      ~Chantal <3

  7. Hi Chantal!
    Great post on syrup! I feel like eating breakfast right now! You know how to describe a great thing that goes on pancakes. And you had good facts on maple syrup like where it comes from and how it’s made. I can’t wait to have the sweet sweet taste of syrup.
    Even guys need to fanboy about food!
    ~Ryan (AKA GeekEditFandom)

    1. Hey Ryan!
      Glad to hear you’re a Fanboy! Us fans gotta stick together!
      Thanks for your comment on my Maple syrup post! I spent a long time researching it, and I am so happy to see how well it payed off!
      I’ll go visit your blog soon!
      ~Chantal <3

  8. noellmurph9302 says: Reply

    Hi again!
    I was wondering, If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose to drink? Why would you choose this fluid? Thanks for replying to last comment too!
    Noelle 🙂 :

    1. Hi Noelle!
      It’s great to hear from you again!
      I think that I would choose water. Water is the best for everything. Your body is about 73% water, and you lose fluids when you sweat. Plus, it’s always fun to make slightly different flavours of water by adding fruit!
      Thanks for commenting again!
      ~Chantal <3

      1. noellmurph9302 says: Reply

        Hey Chantal!
        I’m so glad to hear from you again!
        I agree with your choice! Water is so important to us humans, and we could never live without it!
        If we didn’t need water as much as we do, what drink would you choose? I know I would pick either coffee or Sprite, because I love caffeine!
        Thanks for replying!
        – Noelle 🙂

        1. Hi Noelle,
          I’m so happy that you continue to comment on my blog! You have no idea how excited it makes me to keep posting!
          I think I would choose Yogurt milk stuff, whatever that stuff is, but it’s really good. If not that, I would choose fruit juice. I love fruit.
          Thanks again,
          ~Chantal <3

  9. stellkotik6202 says: Reply

    Hi Chantal,
    I found your information on maple syrup very interesting. I too love it, but at times I find it to be too sweet so I only have it on occasion. I’ve heard of it on breakfast foods, but never used as a candy. How often would you say you have it?

    1. Hi Stella,
      I can see your point, maple syrup is pretty sweet. I know that the maple candies are really good, and I heard that there is a maple syrup fair somewhere in Canada, and they sell different flavours and types of syrup, as well as candy.
      I would say that I have it Once a week, but at my dad’s house we have jam instead sometimes.
      Thanks for commenting!
      ~Chantal <3

  10. I love maple syrup! I wish I lived in a place where it snowed so I could combine the snow with maple syrup.. You’re so lucky to live in a snowy area! Also, I’m a proud fangirl, glad there’s someone who may relate to me! Maybe come visit my blog?

    1. Hi Karena,
      Yes! Making that sticky-sweet mixture was really fun! Where do you live that it doesn’t snow? Most of Canada gets at least 10 centimeters of snow every winter, and having lived here all my life, I find it hard to imagine a winter without snow!
      I’m glad you’re a fangirl! In society today, it’s hard to find people who truly express their inner fangirl, and have fun doing it! It’s good to meet you, my fellow fangirl. May the Force(s) be with you.
      Thank you for visiting my blog! I’ll be sure to visit yours.

      ~Chantal <3

  11. Maple syrup is awesome, what other food besides pancakes and waffles do you think it would be good on?

    1. Hey Arielle!
      Great to hear from you guys!
      I like maple syrup on snow too, and it’s good on poutine…mmmmmmm. Maple vanilla cake is good too. And of course, maple flavoured Butterbeer!
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I hope to read yours soon!

      ~Chantal <3

      1. OK I will send you the URL when I get my blog

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